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Tiffany is not accepting new clients at this time.

Stay tuned for classes offered in Spring 2024!

Holistic Lactation Services


Food and making sure people have access to good food are Tiffany's (unofficial) love languages. It's no surprise that Lactation (Breastfeeding/Chest-feeding) is one of her primary focuses as a birthworker.  Lactation is a combination of the physiological process and learned skills. Tiffany guides and counsels new parents on the skills they need to navigate feeding their newborn.

Expect to work with Tiffany during the third trimester and consistently throughout the first 30 days postpartum. Her support includes teaching/counseling, problem-solving, or referring out (to your physician or an IBCLC):


The Basics of Lactation, hand expression, optimal use of your chosen pump, optimal latching/feeding positions for body and bottle, first latch - even in the OR/post-cesarean, common burping techniques, creating a sustainable & realistic plan for you and family


clinical herbal support for postpartum healing and lactation

Problem Solving/Know-When-To-Refer:

Painful Latch/Painful Feeding

Difficulties latching and/or feeding baby 

Plugged/Clogged ducts, potential Mastitis


Chafed or sore nipples

Inverted, flat, or large nipples

Navigating the unexpected with you and/or baby

Home Visit - $200

Home Visit Series (1 prenatal class, 2 postpartum home visits) - $600

 Schedule a complimentary meet & greet to get started!

Prenatal Sessions

​Becoming a parent is life changing and different with each pregnancy. We'll meet during your second/third trimester and develop (or review) your birth plan, review/supplement your childbirth education, ensure all of your needs have been met with appropriate resources, and decompress about your pregnancy experience. A Holistic Lactation Prenatal session is included with this service. 

$800 for 2 Prenatal Sessions and 1 Lactation Session 

Birth Services* (CD, PALS) 

Paused - Tiffany is going to Midwifery School

Postpartum Sessions

Paused - Tiffany is going to Midwifery School

Advanced Doula Support

Tiffany Renee is an advanced birth doula: a birth doula who has a background in clinical care and advanced/ongoing training in clinical lactation, in addition to her ongoing midwifery education. In short, Tiffany provides her clients the "heart & hands" of doula services with the informed mind of a clinical provider and midwifery student. As your doula, she does not interpret your labs, physical exams, or perform clinical skills such as fetal heart tones or cervical exams. 

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