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The Medicine Woman as

Your Birthkeeper

Tiffany Renee is a Full Circle Doula, a midwifery student, and a trained healthcare professional offering support throughout your birthing journey, and incorporates the ancestral services of lightwork (such as reiki), movement to alleviate physical and emotional stress, and herbalism. 


Tiffany Renee specializes in supporting people who have autoimmune/chronic disorders as they navigate fertility, pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum, or miscarriage.  Spoonie folks, she is the doula for you.


Prenatal Sessions

​Becoming a parent is life changing and different with each pregnancy. We'll meet during your second/third trimester and develop (or review) your birth plan, review your childbirth education experience, ensure all of your needs have been met with appropriate resources, and decompress about your pregnancy experience.

Energywork/Lightwork and Herbal Nutritional Therapy can be incorporated as additional sessions. Schedule a consult to see what that might look like for you! 

Doula Services*  

  • Early Labor: movement, breath work, acupressure, and energywork tools established in prenatal sessions to keep labor progression going smoothly; spinning babies and traditional movements incorporated.

  • Active Labor: Ancestral energywork, acupressure, doula comfort measures, breath work

  • 3rd/4th Stage of Labor: acquire placenta as requested, herbal tea & nourishing foods/snacks provided, baby's first latch

Postpartum Sessions

  • Week 1&2- adjusting to the new normal, client utilizes postpartum nutrition plan (usually in freezer and fridge), postpartum teas, sitz bath, closing ceremony, baby blessing, as wanted/needed

  • Week 3&4 - minor adjustments to postpartum plan, closing/blessing ceremony - as wanted

Total: $1,700

*need sliding scale?  Inquire for details tiffanyrenee[at]mahoganypoint.com

More on Prenatal + Postpartum support

Tiffany Renee offers ancestral energywork and herbalism specifically for prenatal and postpartum persons. As baby's chakras and meridians develop into their physical being, Tiffany works with both you and baby throughout the entire pregnancy, during labor, and the month afterwards.