Your Time is Currency

Language fascinates me. My own mother declared as soon as I learned to talk, I never shut up. Every waking moment I had, there was something to for me to say (I got quieter after I learned to read and write). Language, the never ending form of self-expression, keeps me occupied as long as I am awake. Words strung together construct a deep and never-ending way for us to relay our needs, feelings, and observations. I had the recent pleasure of attending and speaking at the Creative Women's Co. Chicago Retreat (2018) and laid out this wisdom that I learned (the hard way, of course) just years before:

Your time, and therefore your energy, is valuable currency.

Just like the money we have in our wallets and banks, time is cash-money for our mental and spiritual health. We even refer to it as "spending time". It is a quantifiable value in which we can measure; and we spend it on a daily basis. The same can be said about our energy and efforts: when we're exhausted, we're "spent". Even when weighing in with a thought, we're offering up our "2 cents" or asking "a penny for your thoughts". What did you spend the past few days doing? How do you feel at the end of each day? Rich? In debt? Need a loan?

This mindset weaves in deeper by sharing words like Invest, Owe, Pay, and Cash: Investing your time and energy, owing a favor, or cashing in or repaying a favor, paying a visit, etc. The energy you put forth into your life is currency. It's also your responsibility. How much do you have saved up? Do you know your balance?

You can't pour from an empty cup, fill your cup first. I love this saying because of the truth it brings forth: you can't pour from an empty cup. It's that second half that tells you to "fill your cup first" that really scuffs my boots.


Because if you fill your cup with crap, you also pour out the same crap. And We (the universal We) are really good at filling our cups with crap.

No, seriously, hear me out. We, (again, the universal We) fill our cups with pennies when we could be filling them with hundred dollar bills. We're filling our cups with soda (pop) when we could be filling them with water. We fill our cups with coffee and frosting instead of protein-rich whole foods. We're also filling our cups with meditation apps in place of working through our issues with a real-live therapist. Or perhaps it's drama & worry over peace, self-pity over taking actionable steps, and blaming others instead of looking at our own actions. Our cups are typically filled with, well, filler. It's easy to get a mani-pedi, take a bubble bath with a glass (or bottle) of wine in the name of Self-Care and call it filling our cups. And there's nothing wrong with that, but recognize that's just a splash in the cup: just keep the momentum going in a meaningful, purposeful way.

Do you budget your time and energy to make sure you are filling your cup with the good stuff?

Here's a quick peek into my, personal, non-negotiable survival tips.

When you value your energy for what it is (ahem, your most valuable resource) the energy within and around you shifts in response. You tap into your full value when you are able to recognize what,

when, and how you want to spend it. Taking stock of your energy can be tricky. Those of us with autoimmune disorders learn quickly to budget our physical energy along side the spirit. Stressful, demanding situations can deplete us just as much as skipping meals while working 15 hour days.

Is it time to reassess your budget?

Nature never really intends for us to bloom over night or all at once. Leaves unfurl when they're ready, stems grow upwards, and flower buds pop open when the conditions are just right. Oftentimes, you, just like a blooming plant, can be in all of these stages at one time, because that is how nature rolls.

When it comes to your Mind-Body-Soul connections: Take stock of your budget, your spending habits by making sure that you're filling your cup with the good stuff:

  • Get enough sleep, if you can't sleep (hi, new parents), try to at least rest your physical body.

  • Eat whole foods at regularly timed meals

  • Utilize holistic practitioners such as your local herbalists, acupuncturists, bodyworkers, and therapists (and other energy healing services such as Reiki, Lightwork, qigong)

  • Find moments throughout the day to pause or taken in moving meditation (stay tuned for this blog post!)

For those of you who want to work with me directly, email to schedule a reading.

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