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"...She was fully present with us when labor started, offering support and checking in regularly to make sure I was okay. I felt deeply held and cared for when we actually made our way to the hospital and couldn't have imagined a better doula. Tiffany's grounded energy and strength helped me to feel safe when things got challenging. She cheered me on and reminded me that I could do it. She also gave space for my husband to be part of the process when I needed his support and worked with him so that they could both assist me throughout the birth..."

“Tiffany is so knowledge and comforting. She is a incredible support and guide throughout and after labor. I was so encouraged and empowered by her. My Husband and I were at such peace with her helping us bring our son into this world. She has a calm, reassuring and intuitive presence. We are forever grateful. “

About  Tiffany

Tiffany Renee provides her services within the lens of in her African and Indigenous lineages. She is a clinical herbalist, birth doula, student midwife, lactation counselor,  energyworker, dancer, and writer focused on helping you heal in mind, body, and spirit.  

She combines East Asian Herbalism, Indigenous and African Herbalism, Medicinal Food Therapy, and Energywork to address Uterine Health, Perinatal Health, Birth and the Postpartum period, Autoimmune & Chronic Diseases Anxiety, and Stress.

Tiffany combines her graduate education and research of  TCM meridian/organ theories, chakras, and physiology to evolve the medicine woman archetype into a modern-day practice.  

In Her Words

The support I offer is a safe, sacred space for you to show up as you are. The work we do together is aimed to address the root of the process, whatever that might be. My highly unique combination of holistic therapies delivers an unmatched healing experience.

Why I do the work I do:

There’s something to be said about holding space for a transitional process. And this is especially true if you are adjusting to a "new normal" or living with a chronic condition(s): Autoimmune Disorders, Anxiety & Depression, Pregnancy & Parenthood, and Major Life Changes.


 I was called into this profession because I was searching for the practical side of the “woowoo” holistic field: the one that honors the roots and branches of healing as a ‘Whole.’ I enjoy helping people transform into being Whole again. Allow me to help you regain the sense of balance, normalcy, and health you deserve. ​

I was raised by generations of women who cooked from their souls, danced from their hearts, and were in-tune with their divine purpose: to help others heal. I do my best to carry on my deep rooted lineage of Medicine Women. 


By utilizing the skills and energetic techniques carefully passed along by my generous teachers & gained from my education in Traditional Chinese Medicine–I am able to hone each energetic technique and tailor your session just for you.

I look forward to helping you maintain balance, gain stability, and enjoy the clarity that life has to offer. 

"Important" Stuff

Tiffany Renee has studied with TCM/OBGYN mentors and completed training in Spinning Babies (Gail Tully) and Survivors Giving Birth (Penny Simkin).  Tiffany completed the SMC Full Circle Doula Training with Shafia Monroe.  She has also completed 45-hour Breastfeeding Counselor training with Camie Goldhammer IBCLC and Felisha Floyd, IBCLC; then went on to complete Healthy Children Project Center For Breastfeeding 52-hour Lactation Counselor training. Tiffany is currently a Leader with the Birth Equity Leadership Academy (BELA) and is a student midwife with National College of Midwifery.

“Tiffany is one of those people whose soul touches you and it instantly lifts you up higher. It’s always an honor and a privilege to experience energywork with her. ”


“Tiffany has helped me through herbalism, nutritional guidance and lightwork therapy. Her calming and nurturing manner makes a lightwork session relaxing as well as illuminating. She shaped a meal plan to my food likes and dislikes and at my level of cooking ability. She truly takes into account the whole person in her work.”

- J.W.

Meeting Tiffany at a yoga festival in Chicago in Spring 2017 was nothing short of a miracle. Since then, this woman has become an integral part of my wellness journey and a close, endearing friend. The combination of her expertise in Chinese herbal medicine and deep connection to the spirit world make her lightwork and energy healing services a unique and personally transformative experience. Beyond her keen ability to listen and pinpoint solutions that actually help soothe symptoms of physical and mental dis-ease, Tiffany's gentle and caring "bedside manner" extends past your visit to her physical office. The most profound difference between Tiffany and other healers is that she gives you intuitive guidance and tools to help you navigate the cleared energetic path ahead. Personally, she convinced me that light work (especially Reiki) is a necessary component not just for healing but also my own personal evolution. It's been a joy to work with her (even digitally now that she lives in Seattle!) and I am so excited that she is sharing her healing services with more of the world now. Everyone one should have a Tiffany!

-- J.G

I have had multiple amazing sessions with Tiffany Renee but I have never been more grateful to be a client of hers than about 5 days after a neck surgery I had. I was in so much pain after the surgery, not just at the incision site, but my back, shoulders and chest were killing me and I couldn’t relax.  I also was not medically cleared to receive any hands-on bodywork like massage yet. Tiffany Renee to the rescue! By the end of the session I actually felt normal again for the first time since before the procedure. Obviously my incision still hurt, but she re-aligned me energetically to the point where I felt so relaxed I could have melted into the treatment table. I was able to sleep soundly for the first time in 5 days. She will put you back in touch with yourself and allow your body and mind to catch up with one another. She has a beautiful way of putting you into the space you didn’t know you needed in order to heal and feel centered. And I haven’t even gotten to mention her herbal remedies! 
In a time where everyone is calling themselves “life coaches” and it’s practically impossible as a client to sift through all of the energy healers and gurus and intuitives advertising their “healing arts”,  Tiffany Renee is the genuine article. 

-- K.B.

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