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Study with Tiffany renee




Your Authentic Healing  Skills



The apprenticeship with Mahogany Point is an exclusive opportunity to develop your inner alchemy and deepen your ancestral wisdom with me as your guide for nine months. 

What to Expect

Mahogany Point is the name of the safe space that I cast during my sessions, and now I am opening my sacred space to you. This is a highly individualized opportunity over the course of nine months, which I have  carefully crafted with your goals & visions in mind.

The space within Mahogany Point has been created for you to cultivate the wisdom that speaks deep within us; it also happens to be my most favorite subject and what I value most as a healer: the way of nature + our energetic realm and how that applies to healing the physical body by use of plant medicine).

The Work

Your show of knowledge gained throughout our time together will be evaluated throughout our sessions and written assignments. Expect to spend 10-12 hours per week cultivating your natural born gifts:

  • Customized tactics to raise your vibrations

  • Individualized exercises to nourish your intuition

  • Unique techniques to dive deep into your inner alchemy  

This includes, but is not limited to:

Two/Three Sessions per Month: your one-on-one consult & guidance via video-chat phone calls, (or in person if you're local). Each session lasts approx. 2 hours and will be scheduled near the New and Full Moons.

Weekly Distance Lightwork: Not only do you have me as a guide, you also receive from me as YOUR energetic healer to nourish you on your path of authentic self discovery.

TR’s Kitchen Witchery Blog: (login & approval required) Your source  on understanding  food as medicine. You will have private access to my personal methods on infusing the sacred art of cooking and food prep with Energywork.

Snail Mail Goodies: Everyone loves surprise mail (the good kind). Keep a lookout for goofy cards with personal messages, fresh herbs wild crafted from my prairie, fun candles, and so much more!



The masterclass is a three day workshop for the aspiring Energyworker. Dive into what it means to Cultivate, Manifest, and Receive as a Healer. Class format is a union of lecture-discussion and dance-sacred movement.

  • Day One: Cultivate

  • Day Two: Manifest

  • Day Three: Receive

Can be taught in a comfortable sized room, be it a designated office or in the comfort of your own home, with a minimum of four healers. 


 Request the Masterclass be taught in your studio, conference, summit, workspace, or home. 


$250/pp ( group of 4 minimum)     

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